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Boost sales and customer happiness with

Reach and delight more buyers

Accepting credit card payments gives your customers paying flexibility and that drives more customers. No meter if you have a POS terminal or not Payomy drives more people to your business.

Accept credit card payments, no POS terminal required

Payomy looks beyond POS terminal limitations to help businesses accept credit card payments without monthly fees, without a hardware installation nor an internet connection.

Boost sales

With the easy to set up Payomy account, customers are ready to make credit card payments with the ease of a native SMS without sharing their payment information. Payomy's streamline payment experience is especially valuable for smart and non-smart mobile phone owners.

How do I get paid by Payomy?

Payomy pays merchants in full on a daily rolling basis for captured transactions.

eCommerce owners

How hard is Payomy to integrate on my website?

Payomy exposes simple REST APIs to enable easy integration into your website.

What platforms are supported?

We're working on extensions for Magento, OpenCard and more.