Create your one time set up account

Fill in your login credentials to create your Payomy account. Here you can keep track of all your transactions.

Activate your mobile number

Enter the mobile number you want to use for your payments.

Safe & Secure

Set your PIN. To prevent unauthorized use of your mobile phone we confirm every payment by asking for your PIN via text message.

Add your payment info

This is the credit card you'll be using for your purchases. The information about your credit card is highly encrypted and securely saved. Payomy connects directly to merchants, so you don't have to enter your payment info again.

Pay with Payomy

Simply text the merchant Id together with the amount to be paid to Payomy's short code. For example paying for food at Tom's shop (merchant Id TomShop) for $7 the text should be: TomShop 7.

See for your self

To see it in action, you can use the demo client, no real credit cards are used, no real transactions are processed, just get the feeling, text:

Demo 10 to 4915735981648

Note: For demo Payomy is using numbers, instead of short codes.